Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation Boy

Mr. Grady graduated from high school yesterday!!!
It seems crazy, but he is such a great, smart, and handsome kid.
I am so proud of him, and the man he has become.

My camera died, so these are from a friend, and Dani took a bunch I will have to post.
Grady and his buddies.
Sierra, Grady, Johnny, Tanner, Aut, Braxton, Des, and Erich.

Grady and his cute little friend Sierra.
She was Senior Class President and did such a good job, along with her mom.
Kaci and her friends.
Sierra, Sierra, Kaci, and Summer.
(Sierra, with the flowers, and Summer are sisters.)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those Eyes...

...Are big, brown, and gorgeous!! :) Can't we all agree her eyes are the prettiest eyes you've ever seen?? {...atleast for a mere slip of a girl} Thats it...Deja you have just won the BEST EYES award!! Congrats little one! :] We miss you like cRaZy...but we can survive the 6 day wait!!

{sorry I didn't rotate it...just turn your head please!}

L.O.L :)

6 days...

We have 6 days until Dani and Deja arrive!! We are soo thrilled to have them here for Christmas and New Years'. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! We sure missed our grandbaby!! :] Have a great week!!

LOL= Lots Of Love :] ♥

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Do you have the <3 to forgive?? 'Cause..I know its been a month and I know I'm a slacker!! Its hard to keep 3 blogs updated!! :/ So..sorry.



Grady turned 18! Yes I know! SO SAD!!! We had a big surprise party for him at the 'Sandlot' [base/softball training facility] thhe kids ate, and played dodgeball!! I think Grady was really surprised. Happy Birthday Bud!! We love ya! :D

Kaci turned 13!! She's in those crazy teenage years now!!:0 She had a good birthday! We took her to Costa Vida, and had a 'mini party' with a few friends...but, Happy Birthday Sis!! We love ya!

The kids had a 4 day weekend on October 7th-10th, so we left on the 6th and went for a lloonngg car ride to see little Deja!![and her parents!] We were able to take Grady's girlfriend, Taigen with us! She is such a cute and the car rides and trip was funner!! We did plenty of fun things! One of which...OLIVE GARDEN!!! We celebrated Greg's [Sept. 27th] and Grady's [Oct. 14th] birthdays! We had such a blast! Thanks Chase, Dani, & Deja!!:D


Kaci and Brody dressed up for the ward party...Brody a Football Player, and Kaci a 'Hallween version of "Cindy Lou Who"'[from the Grinch Stole Christmas]. The hair tied it all together!! :D Then Grady and Tammy took Brody around, and Kaci went with her friends, Sierra and Summer..who were dressed as The Madhatter and 80's Rocker Chic. :D

UP NEXT......

- Chase, Dani, & Deja come home!!
-Deja turns 1!! :( :D
-Brody turns 6!! :( :D
-Christmas!!!! :D
-Tammy's Birthday!! :D


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Would-ya Dear?

Hey there Mother Nature,

We have a quiick question to ask of you...Can you please send some snow??!!??!!

Yes we would be so very thrilled if ou'd ssend snow..well in October. And preferably on the 20th!

Just mentioning it, but we wouldn't mind some rain while we wait for October.

Just take this into consideration..please?

{pretty please?..}

{with a cherry on top?}

Skiing Family

Friday, September 10, 2010


We had a fun summer,
filled with,

Wedding Planning
Dani and Deja visits.
School Shopping.
Tee Ball.

And now summer's over...time to buckle down!! :(

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Background!

Do you like the new background I did!

I am very very skillful!

{bahahaha! yeah right!}

All done on:


on "fancy collages"

then to "brag book"

and then go from there! :)