Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No way.............

My Mom took Brody to our neighbor, Bart, who is a physical therapist, to see if something was really wrong with Brody's ankle. He did a little bit and said he should see a doctor. So this morning my Mom took Brody to Chris. Chris did and x-ray then sent him to the imaging center down the road to get another x-ray and get the results fast. So they took his x-ray and came out and told my Mom, "He is one tough kid" BRODY BROKE HIS LEG!! Can you believe a four year old breaking his leg? So sad.... :( :(

He broke it in two spots. The bone that goes straight down your leg is the bone he broke. Now he has a cast that starts at his toes and goes past his knee(sorta to his thigh)

Chris told us to keep it elevated. He has to have it for four weeks, then he goes back July 21st to get a smaller one. He has it for most of the summer!!! :( He can't go swimming...so good-bye pool! Hopefully he will want to walk with his crutches...or army crawl!

Poor Brody :(


What a hot rod, eh?! Grady is on the Pocatello Razorbacks! Number 7, oh ya!! If you would like one of his season passes contact us, you can get into all of the home games for free. The pass is $20.00
He is the "A" Razorbacks team. Sorry its not facing ya.

Friday, June 19, 2009

One quick note...

Dani-we are so excited for you to come...well at least I am! Brody told me we will have to get his big bed out again!! LOL!!! Can't wait to see you!! We have so much fun with you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So Brody is cripple. Friday night he was riding around on his scooter...(trying to do a pop-a-wheelie) and he was wearing his 'new' baseball cleats...and twisted/spranged his ankle! :( Poor little boy. Now he has made a nest on my parents bed. My Dad bought him crutches...so when he gets the hang of it I will post pictures!!! :) We hope he will be up and at em by next week!!! :)