Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those Eyes...

...Are big, brown, and gorgeous!! :) Can't we all agree her eyes are the prettiest eyes you've ever seen?? {...atleast for a mere slip of a girl} Thats it...Deja you have just won the BEST EYES award!! Congrats little one! :] We miss you like cRaZy...but we can survive the 6 day wait!!

{sorry I didn't rotate it...just turn your head please!}

L.O.L :)

6 days...

We have 6 days until Dani and Deja arrive!! We are soo thrilled to have them here for Christmas and New Years'. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! We sure missed our grandbaby!! :] Have a great week!!

LOL= Lots Of Love :] ♥

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Do you have the <3 to forgive?? 'Cause..I know its been a month and I know I'm a slacker!! Its hard to keep 3 blogs updated!! :/ So..sorry.



Grady turned 18! Yes I know! SO SAD!!! We had a big surprise party for him at the 'Sandlot' [base/softball training facility] thhe kids ate, and played dodgeball!! I think Grady was really surprised. Happy Birthday Bud!! We love ya! :D

Kaci turned 13!! She's in those crazy teenage years now!!:0 She had a good birthday! We took her to Costa Vida, and had a 'mini party' with a few friends...but, Happy Birthday Sis!! We love ya!

The kids had a 4 day weekend on October 7th-10th, so we left on the 6th and went for a lloonngg car ride to see little Deja!![and her parents!] We were able to take Grady's girlfriend, Taigen with us! She is such a cute and fun..so the car rides and trip was funner!! We did plenty of fun things! One of which...OLIVE GARDEN!!! We celebrated Greg's [Sept. 27th] and Grady's [Oct. 14th] birthdays! We had such a blast! Thanks Chase, Dani, & Deja!!:D


Kaci and Brody dressed up for the ward party...Brody a Football Player, and Kaci a 'Hallween version of "Cindy Lou Who"'[from the Grinch Stole Christmas]. The hair tied it all together!! :D Then Grady and Tammy took Brody around, and Kaci went with her friends, Sierra and Summer..who were dressed as The Madhatter and 80's Rocker Chic. :D

UP NEXT......

- Chase, Dani, & Deja come home!!
-Deja turns 1!! :( :D
-Brody turns 6!! :( :D
-Christmas!!!! :D
-Tammy's Birthday!! :D


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Would-ya Dear?

Hey there Mother Nature,

We have a quiick question to ask of you...Can you please send some snow??!!??!!

Yes we would be so very thrilled if ou'd ssend snow..well in October. And preferably on the 20th!

Just mentioning it, but we wouldn't mind some rain while we wait for October.

Just take this into consideration..please?

{pretty please?..}

{with a cherry on top?}

Skiing Family

Friday, September 10, 2010


We had a fun summer,
filled with,

Wedding Planning
Dani and Deja visits.
School Shopping.
Tee Ball.

And now summer's over...time to buckle down!! :(

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Background!

Do you like the new background I did!

I am very very skillful!

{bahahaha! yeah right!}

All done on:


on "fancy collages"

then to "brag book"

and then go from there! :)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do we have lives??...

Yes we do! There just barried with wedding stuff!! We are so thrilled for Courtney & Jason to be a married couple!! THIS FRIDAY!! ahhhh... :]

We pick up Dani & Deji on Wednesday!

We're pretty happy!

I'm sure pictures will come..if not on Kaci's..or facebook!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


love is:

when you get a new background from LeeLou blogs and you can't get over how lovely your blog looks... :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Recommend-

I recommend that you click


to look at CUTE backgrounds! :)

The Summer Craziness becomes..


Yes, Summer Craziness has arrived!

Just understand that if my blog doesn't get updated in the next decade, you'll know who to blame:

Summer Craziness!



are so very courageous.

are so very brave.

are so very mean..in some cases! :)

Fathers are so many things.

Fathers are the head of the house,

the one in charge,

the one that's voice raises, ;)

the one that works hard.

I'm sure many fathers are like this, more or less!

We love our dad! We were blessed with a hard and brave working man..who's on fires a lot!
We are so thankful for him!

Happy Fathers Day 2010!

{that was extremely short!}

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Talk about FUN!

I'm talking about FUN when I talk about the 4th of JULY!!! You'll know why when I post pics and the "story!" :]

With Love,


Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Summer!

Yes..our summer is very busy{once again!}! I am sure many of you know that with 2 boys it is sports..sports..sports!!!!:) Grady has baseball games twice if not three times a week! {By the way..anyone interested in a season pass to watch all home games for the Razorbacks, Rebels, and Rebels AA..can contact us..or Grads for a pass for $20.} Brody is now in Tee Ball! His team..orange crush..is pretty good! He loves his coaches..Alison and Alisha! :) Kaci just finished with dance..and is now teaching dance!!! She also keeps busy with babysitting! My sister, Ruthie, and I are hosting the 4th of July this year {for the Traveller Family}..which is being held at our house...so we are trying to get ready for that, along with the wedding. Court and Jase are getting married on the 13th of August..and Court gets home the first week in July, which only leaves her 6 weeks to get ready for the big day! But thanks to the help of her lovely sister, Dani, they have gotten a lot done! This lets you know how busy our summer is, so if I don't post, you know why!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mr. Mustache Man

Brody is Mr. Mustache Man! Yes..that is electrical tape! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Backstreet Boys!

Grady, Jake, Dane, Tanner, and Braxton were the Backstreet Boys for Highland Idol! They were quite the rockstars!:) *Funny pics AND video soon to come!

Spring Casual

Grady recently went to the Spring Casual Dance with his cute girlfriend, Taigen. *Cute pics soon to come!~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super Exciting News!

Well, some exciting news has come to our family! Courtney's engaged! Yes, its true! Jason took her sky-diving, and had a huge sign she saw when she was coming down. The ring is gorgeous! We are so very happy for her and Jason! Congratulations you two!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yep, he's mine!

Meet Brody, otherwise known as my CrAzY little boy! This is him today being a dork, with ice-cream(playdough to be exact) smeared all over! Just lovely! Couldn't ask for a sillier kiddo! :)

Ode to Deja

Little Deja Chayce Kidd is one cute little girl! Everyone who sees/meets her, falls in love with her eyes, chunky legs, big tummy, and her cute personality. We love it when she makes little noises, when she kicks her legs, and when she sleeps (because she looks so darn cute!) Her mom says she is a TV junkie, because she is already watching: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora! :) She is a very spoiled girl, with both sides of the family plus friends bringing/buying her clothes, toys, and bows/flowers! I often call her: Dej, Baby Vu, Deja-vu, Sissy, Sister, Princess, Baby Girl, Chunkers, Chugga-Lugga, Chunky Monkey, Missy, Magoo, and probably more! :) She is just a perfect baby who rarely cries! (Chase and Dani are quite lucky!:) Thanks again Chase, Dani, Deja, and Teva for letting us party at your house for the weekend plus some other days! :)
Deja loves the camera! Which is a very good thing because she is so cute so we are snapping so many pictures of this beauty! :)
Deja loves me, her aunt Kaci, and I loves little Deja! I am so cute with her and make funny/scary noises...sometimes Deja doesn't know what to expect!!Tummy Time! She looked so darling that day...so of course we took a few pictures! Actually it was more like 45 billion pictures!!!!
Deja loves her mommy! She gets very happy when she sees mom! Most of the time it means ya...now I can eat! But 95% of the time I am almost positive that its just because she loves her mom, and her mom is a cutie! :)

Cute cousin Riley is on his mission in El Salvador. He had an older lady make Deja a hat, bib, and booties! Here she is just modeling them so perfectly! You can't find them cuter than this! :)Let me tell you...her smiles are the best! They are so so so stinking cute! She is definitely my little sunshine! :)Here is a picture to document that she is a TV junkie! Sitting here, all nestled in with Dad! How cute! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010


Happy Birthday to Dani(yesterday!) And check out Kaci's blog...


To see pictures of thee cutest baby ever! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Simplot Games

This weekend was the Simplot Games! We had fun after the races were over, because then we got to go play on the mats, track, and sand-pit. So fun! (Since its Sunday, we have to go get ready for church, so pictures will probably be posted on Tuesday!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Enjoying Life

Just to let you know we are still alive, enjoying life, and very busy!

Still Alive-The holidays have been great! Seeing family, Sam, April, Keeley, Weiland, and Baby Boy, seeing Chase, Dani, and Deja have been great also!

Enjoying Life-Loving being Aunt,Uncle,Grandma,or Grandpa. Enjoying the cute little Deja. Loving every second of being with families!

Very Busy-Busy with dance, basketball, church volleyball, Brody, skiing, etc. You name it...we're doing it! Hee Hee Hee! Although we couldn't be happier with our life!

The Burch Familia

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay so it has been some time since I, or my mom have posted!
-So Brody had a great birthday...turned five, got and electric scooter, toys, and spankins!
Five things we love 'bout Brods:
1. Big help around the house.
2. Loves to be with his big brother.
3. Loves going to Grad's b-ball games!
4. Enjoys skiing!
5. Too cute!!
-We had a great Christmas Eve down in Declo! Fun to see Sam, April, Keely and Weiland! Missed Dani, Chase, and Dej though!!
-An excellent Christmas! Let me just say we are way too spoiled!!! :)
-We had tons of fun in Colorado!!!! It was good to see Dani and Chase. SO MUCH FUN TO SEE THE NEW ADDITION DEJA CHAYCE KIDD!!!!!