Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those Eyes...

...Are big, brown, and gorgeous!! :) Can't we all agree her eyes are the prettiest eyes you've ever seen?? {...atleast for a mere slip of a girl} Thats it...Deja you have just won the BEST EYES award!! Congrats little one! :] We miss you like cRaZy...but we can survive the 6 day wait!!

{sorry I didn't rotate it...just turn your head please!}

L.O.L :)

6 days...

We have 6 days until Dani and Deja arrive!! We are soo thrilled to have them here for Christmas and New Years'. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! We sure missed our grandbaby!! :] Have a great week!!

LOL= Lots Of Love :] ♥

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Do you have the <3 to forgive?? 'Cause..I know its been a month and I know I'm a slacker!! Its hard to keep 3 blogs updated!! :/ So..sorry.



Grady turned 18! Yes I know! SO SAD!!! We had a big surprise party for him at the 'Sandlot' [base/softball training facility] thhe kids ate, and played dodgeball!! I think Grady was really surprised. Happy Birthday Bud!! We love ya! :D

Kaci turned 13!! She's in those crazy teenage years now!!:0 She had a good birthday! We took her to Costa Vida, and had a 'mini party' with a few friends...but, Happy Birthday Sis!! We love ya!

The kids had a 4 day weekend on October 7th-10th, so we left on the 6th and went for a lloonngg car ride to see little Deja!![and her parents!] We were able to take Grady's girlfriend, Taigen with us! She is such a cute and fun..so the car rides and trip was funner!! We did plenty of fun things! One of which...OLIVE GARDEN!!! We celebrated Greg's [Sept. 27th] and Grady's [Oct. 14th] birthdays! We had such a blast! Thanks Chase, Dani, & Deja!!:D


Kaci and Brody dressed up for the ward party...Brody a Football Player, and Kaci a 'Hallween version of "Cindy Lou Who"'[from the Grinch Stole Christmas]. The hair tied it all together!! :D Then Grady and Tammy took Brody around, and Kaci went with her friends, Sierra and Summer..who were dressed as The Madhatter and 80's Rocker Chic. :D

UP NEXT......

- Chase, Dani, & Deja come home!!
-Deja turns 1!! :( :D
-Brody turns 6!! :( :D
-Christmas!!!! :D
-Tammy's Birthday!! :D