Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super Exciting News!

Well, some exciting news has come to our family! Courtney's engaged! Yes, its true! Jason took her sky-diving, and had a huge sign she saw when she was coming down. The ring is gorgeous! We are so very happy for her and Jason! Congratulations you two!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yep, he's mine!

Meet Brody, otherwise known as my CrAzY little boy! This is him today being a dork, with ice-cream(playdough to be exact) smeared all over! Just lovely! Couldn't ask for a sillier kiddo! :)

Ode to Deja

Little Deja Chayce Kidd is one cute little girl! Everyone who sees/meets her, falls in love with her eyes, chunky legs, big tummy, and her cute personality. We love it when she makes little noises, when she kicks her legs, and when she sleeps (because she looks so darn cute!) Her mom says she is a TV junkie, because she is already watching: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora! :) She is a very spoiled girl, with both sides of the family plus friends bringing/buying her clothes, toys, and bows/flowers! I often call her: Dej, Baby Vu, Deja-vu, Sissy, Sister, Princess, Baby Girl, Chunkers, Chugga-Lugga, Chunky Monkey, Missy, Magoo, and probably more! :) She is just a perfect baby who rarely cries! (Chase and Dani are quite lucky!:) Thanks again Chase, Dani, Deja, and Teva for letting us party at your house for the weekend plus some other days! :)
Deja loves the camera! Which is a very good thing because she is so cute so we are snapping so many pictures of this beauty! :)
Deja loves me, her aunt Kaci, and I loves little Deja! I am so cute with her and make funny/scary noises...sometimes Deja doesn't know what to expect!!Tummy Time! She looked so darling that of course we took a few pictures! Actually it was more like 45 billion pictures!!!!
Deja loves her mommy! She gets very happy when she sees mom! Most of the time it means I can eat! But 95% of the time I am almost positive that its just because she loves her mom, and her mom is a cutie! :)

Cute cousin Riley is on his mission in El Salvador. He had an older lady make Deja a hat, bib, and booties! Here she is just modeling them so perfectly! You can't find them cuter than this! :)Let me tell you...her smiles are the best! They are so so so stinking cute! She is definitely my little sunshine! :)Here is a picture to document that she is a TV junkie! Sitting here, all nestled in with Dad! How cute! :)