Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay so it has been some time since I, or my mom have posted!
-So Brody had a great birthday...turned five, got and electric scooter, toys, and spankins!
Five things we love 'bout Brods:
1. Big help around the house.
2. Loves to be with his big brother.
3. Loves going to Grad's b-ball games!
4. Enjoys skiing!
5. Too cute!!
-We had a great Christmas Eve down in Declo! Fun to see Sam, April, Keely and Weiland! Missed Dani, Chase, and Dej though!!
-An excellent Christmas! Let me just say we are way too spoiled!!! :)
-We had tons of fun in Colorado!!!! It was good to see Dani and Chase. SO MUCH FUN TO SEE THE NEW ADDITION DEJA CHAYCE KIDD!!!!!